NutriAmazon is a Brazilian nut exporter and distributor based in the state of Pará.
 We are committed to providing products that are sourced from proven raw materials, contributing to sustainable development through fair trade relations, respect for workers and preservation of the environment.

We participated in several fairs and meetings on healthy food.

Photos of our participation in the Natural Tech 2019 fair (São Paulo - Brazil)

What is Brazil nuts?

The Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) is a large tree, abundant in northern Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. Its fruit, known as hedgehog, contains the nut, which is its seed. Characterized by the extraction of collection done by the Amazonian caboclo, it has great relevance in the subsistence of the entire native population of the region. Because, both in the interior cities, as in the capitals, there is a great generation of direct and indirect jobs and an enormous transfer of income to a large portion of this population, in addition to collection for the municipalities and producing states.